Building Online Credibility




Attention: Still NEW to the marketing scene or NOT taken seriously in your niche market?

“How To Become A SOMEBODY In Your Niche Market And Make People Listen To EVERYTHING You Have To Say… Whether It’s Your Opinion – Or Even Buying Your Product!”

WARNING! What You Are About To Discover Is SO0ooo Vital To Your Internet Marketing Success… Yet Not Many Gurus Or Books Touch This Subject!

Dear Upcoming Online Marketer‚

If you can name one subtle difference between an established guru and other marketers in any given niche market… what would it be?

Nah‚ let’s not talk about the mailing list‚ number of websites‚ traffic‚ products‚ contacts‚ etc.

Because if you acquire this ONE thing that many established gurus have‚ all these and the rest would naturally fall into place for you.

So what is this one difference that puts a razor edge in between astounding success and moderate ones?

I’ll tell you‚ it’s:


That’s right. Credibility.

Once you’ve got credibility to your name‚ the rest of the good things in business and life falls into place. I’ll give you some ideas:

  • When you have credibility‚ it makes people trust you easier because they’ve heard of you before… though you probably haven’t heard of them!
  • When you have credibility‚ you will have people approaching you for Joint Ventures… instead of the other way round (and to think of it‚ if you stop producing products today‚ you can make a full time living doing Joint Ventures and still won’t run out of profits!)
  • When you have credibility‚ people listen to you and take every word you say seriously. You can observe this obvious difference when you have another civilian quoting the rule to you‚ and then replace that figure with someone else in a police uniform – you get the idea. 🙂 Imagine applying this to your business!
  • And when you have credibility‚ it makes you the leader or “authority figure” in your niche! Which is really good in ways more than one‚ because you DON’T have to necessarily be an expert (expert and leader are 2 different things) but you just need to focus on being a leader figure!

Great‚ But There’s A BIG Problem…

… because the truth is that it takes a lot of time to build credibility. And online‚ there are literally millions of people in any niche or sub niche (combine them all and you have easily more than 1.17 billion Internet users).

Yes‚ you don’t have to impress or reach out every Internet user and tell them about you (though it sure is a nice thought) – you just need to establish yourself in your chosen niche market.


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