Internet Marketing: Where to get tools and resources that work the first time!

One of the biggest problems faced by most Internet marketers is finding good no cost/low cost resources that they can actually use to promote and expand their online business.

At best (unless you know exactly where to go) it amounts to nothing less than a hassle‚ a waste of time‚ and a major loss of valuable productivity.

Then there is the tedious trial-and-error where you spend even more precious time separating what works from what doesn’t. There is just so much crap online today‚ all covered with slick promotional copy‚ that you can’t tell a rotten egg from a diamond until you smell it!

Even a search query on Google or Yahoo can still leave you hanging out in the wind‚ rummaging through trash listings and unrelated websites‚ in an ever more frustrating search for that one resource‚ tool‚ or bit of information you desperately need right away.

Sound familiar? Oh yeah‚ we’ve all done it.

And I’ve been there an done that too! That’s precisely why‚ some years ago‚ I started putting together my own Internet marketing “rolodex” – so I could have quick access to the stuff I needed daily to run my business and stay on top of the curve.

And before now‚ I’ve kept my rolodex extremely private and very secure – like the family jewels – almost as secure as my opt-in mailing list!

After all‚ it really is worth gold in terms of the time-saving benefits alone – not to mention providing me a permanent access to some of the best “behind-the-scenes” no cost/low cost tools and resources available.

So why the heck should I share those resources with anyone else?

I found them …. and I did all the brain busting research!

I did the time consuming trial-and-error!

I own the sweat equity!

Right …. blah blah blah.

Okay …. until recently that was my attitude. Maybe I’ve had a spiritual awakening‚ or maybe I’m just getting soft in my old age …. but lately I’ve came to believe it’s a poor attitude to have and an especially poor one to hang on to.

You see‚ I really have built my business around being personally accessible and helping others – being free with personal assistance‚ advice‚ consulting – even coaching people who had never spent a nickel with me – but still‚ I’ve been rewarded for all that many times over.

So why was I being so selfish with my resource listings?

I can’t answer that question without going to a shrink …. but I can tell you this ….


I’m pulling out all the stops …. throwing back the curtain …. opening up my secret files and revealing once and for all the results from six years of teeth-gritting brow-sweating searching and researching for online business resources that provide real value at little to no cost.

Now‚ let me introduce you to my own ….

Time Saving and Money Saving Tools and Resources For Serious Internet Marketers!


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