Super Niche Revealed




How many times have you bought an info product that you were sure would change your bank account balance… only to find out that it was another piece of you know what?

I can tell you… it has happened to me many times before and will continue to happen after… but this‚ my friend‚ is something a little different…

Who is Jerry Moore?

Who am I??

Well here’s a brief summary of where I’m at and why you will benefit from what I say.

In less than 12 months I have gone from failing affiliate to building a highly profitable online business.

$0 to over $2‚500

A business that has seen its best days grow from $0 to over $2‚500. A business with multiple streams of income; each of which is producing what most consider full-time income.

You see‚ I got into this business because I really wanted to achieve financial freedom but not at the cost of losing my personal freedom. I already had a job that did that.

It was not by pure luck that I stumbled upon a niche that carried me from failing affiliate marketer to $900/week less than a year ago.

This put into motion a business that has grown exponentially and out performed every goal set forth over the last 8 months.

What separates myself from other marketers is I am willing to move into smaller markets and niches that other “Big Time” marketers may scoff‚ even laugh at.

Big Time marketers Laugh?

It is with this same mentality that Wal-Mart grew to become the largest retailer in the World.

While Kmart and Roses were at the pinnacle of their successes it was Sam Walton who had enough foresight to move into smaller markets that were overlooked by other companies.

What does walmart have to do with this?

The ending to this story is well known.

In short I hope to both inspire you to trudge forward in your marketing efforts and give you a profitable niche in the process.

I am a firm believer in following what has been successful for others and implementing the strategies with greater efficiency. I am offering you the opportunity to look inside what I am doing within this Niche and do the same.

At the end of the day you should reflect on how you worked smarter and not harder


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