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What is dropshipping and how can it work for me?

How can I use dropshipping to start my own eBay business?

Can I really start with no out-of-pocket costs?

What are my profit margins?

Where can I find reputable dropshippers?

Where do I begin?

Table of Contents

About The Author
SPECIAL REPORT: eBay Dropship Profits
What Is Dropshipping?
What Is The Process of Dropshipping Work?
What Is The Step-By-Step Process For Using A Dropshipper?
Step 1: Choose A Product To Sell
Step 2: Locate A Supplier Who Will Dropship For You
Step 3: Set Up An Account With The Dropshipper
Step 4: Advertise The Product For Sale
Step 5: The Product Sells
Step 6: Place The Order With the Dropshipper
Step 7: Follow Up After The Sale
What Kind Of Profit Margins Can I Expect With Dropshipping?
Can I Make Money Off The Shipping Charges?
Do I Need A Tax ID and Business License?
What Are The Advantages of Dropshipping?
What Are The Disadvantages of Dropshipping?
How Do I Deal With Minimum Purchase Requirements?
Are All Dropshippers Reliable?
What Is A Middleman?
Who Is Responsible For Dealing With Customer Issues?
What About Refunds?
How Can I Be Sure A Product Is In Stock?
How Do I Handle Back Orders?
How Do I Handle Returns?
If There Is A Problem‚ Whom Does My Customer Contact?
Is It Better To Buy From A Wholesaler Than A Dropshipper?
Can You Recommend A Few Dropshippers?


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