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Many years ago‚ in the early days of eBay‚ listings comprised of simple text adverts. As time and technology progressed‚ photographs and hyperlinks were also added. In today’s listings you will find an array of different techniques to grab your attention. Flash banners‚ that annoying pop-up wizard and even sound are becoming the norm.

Today more and more people own some sort of video camera‚ even if it is only on their mobile (cell) phone‚ so why not enhance your listings with video? If people knew how easy it was then I’m sure more would do it. I’m going to show you step-by-step how to add video to your eBay listings. They might charge you if you want to put more than one photo in your listing but adding video won’t cost you another penny!

Imagine the advantages this could have. If you are selling a car‚ instead of showing some photos taken from various angles‚ why not take your prospective buyer on a guided tour of your car? They could even go on a virtual test drive – hopefully with somebody else filming whilst you drive!

If you were selling a musical instrument‚ instead of just a photo‚ you could actually play a few bars of music to demonstrate how it sounds.

I’m sure you’ll agree that with a bit of thought the possibilities are endless. Now I’ll tell you about the technique.

There are 5 simple steps to this technique. They are:

1. Capture
2. Transfer
3. Edit
4. Upload
5. Embed


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