Ezines 101




Why haven’t you started your own e-mail newsletter yet?
I’ll bet you answered: “But I don’t know how to begin”
Maybe you tried and gave up‚ thinking that ezine publishing is incredibly complex!

Imagine this – if you publish an e-zine today‚ you’d have to
* spend time hunting for information
* research websites
* visit libraries
* surf the Net
* buy books on e-publishing
* try to take a crash course in visual arts‚ website design‚ publishing‚ ecommerce‚ online marketing‚ e-mail list management – everything.

Before – perhaps – even giving up in frustration.Worse‚ losing money and business in the process.But it doesn’t have to end this way – if only you apply the THREE GOLDEN RULES of Starting an Ezine. There are only few *great* ezines that offer fantastic value and build the publisher’s reputation and they don’t happen by accident.


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