OTO Secrets




You can make a lot of money with OTOs (One Time Offers) and with a few basic skills of the trade you can maximize your commissions simply by leading your customers and prospects to secondary offers that are set up conveniently while in the process of a transaction.

The nature of OTOs is they have a by the way approach to them that are also very hard to refuse. This gives you a great chance at making more money and but by not having to do much more work:>)

To use the power of OTOs‚ I’m going to assume you already know how to run an autoresponder system and can create and upload webpages to a server as well as have a Paypal account or other shopping cart system in place to accept payments. (If you need help with any of these things see page 49 at the end of this report.)

In this report‚ I will take you through the OTO process and show you the path on how they can be set up so you can profit every time you attract people to sign up for anything you offer.


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