Chow Chows Revealed




There’s a beautiful and ancient fairy-tale that says that while God painted the sky
blue, he was followed by a determined Chow Chow who licked up the drops that
fell with his tongue. As you know, each fairytale comes with some truth, but this
tale has two truths: one, that this breed does have a blue tongue and second,
that its origins began with God’s Creation!
This is just one of many myths surrounding this breed. Another fascinating myth
is the one that tells of the Chow Chow being a descendant of bears rather than
wolves. Unbelievable, but could Nature have twisted this breed’s evolution just a
Whatever the truth may be, you’re bound to find that your Chow Chow is a breed
apart –that he’s not like any other dog breed. Doesn’t his independent nature
bother you? Or his blue tongue? Or the way he moves? And what about his
reserve? Oh, the Chow Chow is certainly different from every other dog breed.


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