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Let’s be realistic! If you do not rank well for your keywords you might as well not exist to your potential customers!

And if the words on your Web page do not entice your customers to buy well you know what happens then‚ NO SALES!

Web Site Tips And Tactics is a step-by-step guide that shows you the inside tips‚ and techniques you need to know to succeed on the Web.

The amount of hype on the internet now is mind numbing. It seems that everyone is a master at marketing and becoming a millionaire on the Web. Everywhere I look there is someone with a “new undiscovered secret!” Is there really that many undiscovered secrets out there? I was thinking of calling The Discovery Channel to do some investigating into the world of internet secrets. I really was. Do you think that there is any more secrets left?

Get this through your head now. . .

There Are No Secrets!

I wrote Web Site Tips And Tactics to show you exactly what has worked for me and what has not. I will show you all my “secrets”(kidding‚ I couldn’t resist)

Learn from my mistakes so you. . .

Don’t Waste Your Time!

This guide covers it all‚ and makes it easy for you to get your start or turn your Web site into a search engine friendly sales machine!.

– The #1 Rule. If you don’t do this your wasting your time!

– Web Page Content. Why you need it!

– Become A Spy. Know how and on who?

– Clean Up Your Web Site. I show you how and what to clean!

– A Link Is A Link. Right? Wrong!

– Don’t Make These Mistakes! If you do do your wasting your time!

– Meta Tags‚ Search Engines and Things That Go Bump In The Night!

– Not Indexed By The Search Engines? Did you do one of these NO NO’s?

– Follow These Rules Of Ad copy. And watch your sales soar!

  • And Much Much More!!

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